The Disappearing Master

Interesting disappearing act occurred on since the Dali rammed and collapsed the I-695 bridge at the Port of Baltimore. I was gathering information, thanks to a chap I will just call “Sylvester” (NOT his real name), being insistent that there was more to this story than our Fake News Services wished to allow us to know.

I was trying to find more on the “Master” with a Ukrainian citizenship and a U.S. Visa allowing him to work here in America until mid November, 2026 when I was shocked to find an omission on the website. This individual is no longer listed but the other person from India still remains.

Fortunately, I obtained a screen grab of the original and you can compare it to the current one below. I have no idea why this information has been doctored, but I find it hard to believe that it was coincidental that all of the news reports and fact checkers were adamant about the Indian citizen who was in charge of the vessel to obfuscate the story of a Ukrainian being in command.

I also took the time to search literally hundreds of individuals with only “Nationality” and U.S. Visa checked for this illusive person with ID: 33401 but found nothing. This could be an attempt to manipulate the facts by either side for utmost effect. I have no way of knowing who is lying.

The rulers and their literary lackeys are hell bent on keeping Americans in the dark on everything from Biden corruption to the U.S. quest for global hegemony. None of them are to be trusted. Freedom is their enemy and freedom of thought has to be crushed at all cost. This is one of the reasons that the Democratic party is demanding that information must be controlled.

Trump is no savior either. In 2017, after campaigning that we would release all of the JFK evidence available, he flipped and continued the “Lone Nut Assassin” lie due to national security interests. Have you ever wondered that if Oswald acted alone and he, Ruby and certainly Kennedy have been dead for decades, what national security is at risk? The JFK assassination was a coup and Trump is equally responsible for continuing to conceal it from the American people.

Until our government becomes transparent and the rulers we continue to install are replaced with public servants, we cannot truly be called the “Land of the Free.”

More to come…

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