The Left Attempts to Remove Trump from the Ballot

Yesterday, at a rally in Pennsylvania, the left tried again to remove any opposition to their rule. A 20 year old worm named Thomas Matthew Crooks, armed with a rifle, was able to crawl on top of a roof with said rifle and take shots at the former president from 130 yards away. What I find most astonishing is that, based on the visual evidence available, the counter sniper team was glassing the shooter before he fired multiple rounds at the former president and other rally attendees, killing one and injuring at least two in addition to Trump. Another reminder that our government security apparatus isn’t nearly as well prepared as they claim.

A registered Republican, my bet is due to Pennsylvania’s closed primary system and the Democrats encouraging dems to vote against Trump in the Republican primary since they are known for cheating and had already rigged the Democrat primary ensuring Biden as their nominee, Crooks also donated money to a Democrat PAC in 2021.

This is just a continuation of the left attempting to nullify Trump as a candidate this November by any means necessary, including murder to remain in power. The Democrats hate our Republic and are determined to destroy everything that makes America a safe haven against tyranny.

In the aftermath of the assassination attempt on Trump, the DOJ has placed the FBI in charge of the investigation. That would be laughable except it is far too serious of a matter to leave in the hands of the inept FBI when they have no credibility with the American public due to their lies and treasonous actions over the past two decades. The American people have about as much confidence in the FBI as they do in our CIA, BATFE, or NIH.

The Democrat party in general, and several leaders, including Biden, in particular, are responsible for the attempt on president Trump’s life yesterday. The mainstream media is fully complicit because they refuse to tell the American people the truth and continue to be the Democrat’s propaganda mouthpiece.

There will be no meaningful attempt to determine the facts in this shooting and the main result will be to quell attendance at rallies in the future. The citizens of this country lost a bit more of their freedom yesterday due to the inept, or possibly complicit, Secret Service and other federal law enforcement agencies.

More to come…

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