The Great Reset…Happening Already?

I know that you have been told the “Great Reset” is nothing more than a conspiracy theory and anyone who believes that a global reset will occur in the near future is crazy. Let me give you a few reasons to think otherwise.

The first reason is because those who wish to accomplish a great reset have made no effort to conceal their intentions and, have met on several occasions to further their plans for this reset. The yearly meetings in Davos, for example, are incubators for these collaborators to hatch their plans of global lordship.

One of the themes of this group is that “You will own nothing and be happy!”. Part of the recent upsurge in occurrences of squatting, and the subsequent hype in its reporting, is to condition the masses to accept that they actually have no property rights. Being old enough to remember when it was lawful to stop someone from entering your property without your permission, it is hard to envision how people have been terrorized into allowing invaders to move into their dwellings unopposed.

Speaking of dwellings, I recently read that home ownership, for what that is worth today, is further from the average person’s ability to afford than at any other time in the past 40 years. Rising interest rates, combined with inflated home prices, makes home ownership truly beyond the reach of most households.

After years of low and even no interest rates, American consumers are facing relatively high interest rates when attempting to purchase big ticket items these days. In addition to that, inflated sticker prices make even a modest vehicle purchase the proverbial “arm, leg or first born” down payment option.

The “Empty Suit” currently occupying the White House said recently that inflation was only about an inch, whatever the hell that means. Like much of what Biden says, it made absolutely no sense and therefore could be deemed nonsense. Inflation, like wages, are cumulative and prices only come down during times of negative inflation, a.k.a deflation. Since 2016, average wages have increased between 17-18% while the cost of goods, excluding food and fuel, you know, those things that even poor people have to possess, have increased over 26%! When you add in the volatile cost of food and fuel, the average worker is negatively impacted 15 to 20 percent.

Take a look at the chart below to see how the “haves” are far outpacing the “have nots” in the U.S. since 1948.

As you can see, the middle-class is being squeezed from both ends and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the ultimate goal of the global elites is to eliminate the middle class and rule the downtrodden masses. In my upcoming book, I will share more along these thoughts.

More to come…

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