The Democrats Destroy Democracy

Never mind the two-tiered justice system. You know, the one where conservatives are sent to jail for contempt of Congress but the Democrats are never prosecuted for the same offense. Don’t consider that Trump is being prosecuted for an offense that many presidents are guilty of, and Biden is considered too feeble and senile to stand trial for mishandling classified documents it was illegal for him to be in possession of as vice-president and as a senator, but fully capable of having nuclear codes and being leader of the free world.

No, the latest and, up to this point, greatest scheme of the Democrats is in removing Biden from his reelection bid and replacing him after 14 million people voted for him in the rigged primaries the Democrats held. He can be a sock puppet and still be allowed to be president according to the leaders of the Democratic party, but he can’t stay because they are afraid he can’t win. Rules are for suckers and the Democrats are making this shit up as they go. They have in mind removing him and replacing him with the candidate of their choice, not the voters.

Their reason is that Biden is too old and feeble to lead the country for another term. The truth is, they feel he will go down in defeat on November 5th and that is not acceptable. Afraid they are incapable of stuffing enough ballot boxes, they want to disregard the voters’ will and replace him with someone, probably Michelle Obama, who is capable of winning and maintaining their hold on power.

Never ones to let rules or even laws stand in their way, they don’t care whether their voters are okay with the plan or not. They couldn’t give two shits as to the legality of any decisions they make and don’t allow something as archaic as the rule of law to dissuade them from winning “by any means necessary”.

The Democrats have proven time and again they don’t deserve to be in power, but they continue to lie, cheat, swindle and even resort to murder, to retain control. Sadly, it seems that Democratic voters are fine eating the shit sandwich their leaders force feed them and continue to declare, “it is the best shit sandwich they have ever eaten!” as the country is collapsing due to the mismanagement of the Democrats.

In November, I hope that the Republicans truly do turn out and vote in such a way that they make it “Too Big to Rig!” for the Democrats to win.

More to come…

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