Biden, Not Climate Change, Is An Existential Threat To Humanity

Over and over the sock puppet known as Joe Biden continues to insist climate change is the world’s most concerning threat but the facts prove otherwise. We have terrorists invading our country due to Joe Biden. The middle east is in chaos due to Joe Biden. The economy is in shambles due to Joe Biden. Europe is on the verge of what could very well be a global war with no means of containing it from becoming a nuclear holocaust due to Joe Biden. Our country is experiencing a total collapse of civilization due to Joe Biden. It is unsafe to live in America due to Joe Biden. I could go on but what is the point? Joe Biden and the left are close to utterly destroying this nation and, unless the Biden regime is removed, the next election will be the final election of our republic.

The democrats and the left are intent on replacing our constitutional republic with a socialist government. They believe that the “end truly justifies the means” and have rationalized everything from stealing elections to the reeducation of Americans to see this nation transformed into their vision of a utopian social order. The very things they do are what they accuse their opposition of doing. Having no moral compass, anything goes, and no options are off the table in their quest for victory.

Biden opened our southern border on day one, by executive decree, to allow an invasion to take place to destabilize the orderly process of legal migration into our country. The people who are flooding our nation are “bottom feeders”, not doctors and scientists or even technicians or analysts. These parasites will challenge America’s most vulnerable in terms of economic standards by increasing the supply of unskilled and low skilled laborers to disenfranchise mainly black and brown skinned citizens either by replacement or suppressed wages for their labor. Now Biden, by decree again, will grant millions of illegals legal status. Needless to say, the Republicans will piss and moan and allow him to commit treason!

Biden rewarded Iran by removing, or not enforcing, the sanctions that were in place when he entered office. Destabilization of the middle east was the result of Iran having the finances to fund terrorist activity in the region where there was relative peace prior to the “Empty Suit” becoming president. Everywhere democrats are in power they bring chaos and upheaval and subject the masses to unbearable extremes because they can. There is no sane logic behind their devastation except getting their way.

This week, Biden tied us up with the corrupt government of the Ukraine for the next ten years with a signature. I say this because there are enough neo-cons on the right who will give him another win and pass the legislation to make it happen. We will throw away billions to keep a rogue former state of the USSR independent, but continue to threaten to take away retired individuals SS income and healthcare due to lack of funds. Stop calling Social Security and Medicare “entitlements”, as the government forced this contract on the American people and we pay our entire career to fund it. Who gives a damn if it runs out of money? Our federal government spends money they don’t have on everything else, its called deficit spending.

Our country will not survive another four years of democratic control. November 5th, they must be kicked out of government and replaced.

More to come…

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