Oh, Hell No!

John Cornyn is seeking to become the new Senate Minority Leader when Mitch “Freeze” McConnell steps down. Cornyn is a moderate RINO who has a track record of siding with the left on critical issues that affect the freedom of America’s citizens.

The latest in a string of disappointments by Cornyn is the Safer Communities Act which, co-sponsored by Cornyn and Tillis giving it a “bipartisan” moniker, has just been used to restrict gun ownership even further.

Yesterday, April 10th, Merrick Garland signed the new ATF rule that becomes effective on May 10th, which should trigger multiple lawsuits due to its broad interpretation of “engaged in business”. John Cornyn is no conservative and certainly isn’t worthy of leading what, in today’s climate, has become the Opposition party. Cornyn finds himself on the left side of more and more legislation in an attempt to appease the radical left.

This new rule is another gun control regulation that attempts to define anyone who sells guns as being engaged in business. As someone engaged in business, they would be required to obtain a Federal Firearms License and to perform a check through the National Criminal Instant Background Check System. The rule’s only requirement determining if a person is engaged in the business of selling guns is whether the person is trading to “predominately earn a profit” rather than to earn a living. John Cornyn co-sponsored the Safer Communities Act that was used as the basis of this new rule and its enforcement.

John Cornyn, last elected in 2020 to his 4th term in the U.S. Senate, has a Heritage Action lifetime score of 63 but for this session, has fallen to a score of 31. Is this the type of performance that we wish to promote to a position of leadership to counter the un-American administration currently in power? Far from being the Senate Republican Leader, Cornyn should face a primary challenge in ’26, and the Texas voters should use the ballot to enforce term limits on him, ending his political career and launching his next career at CNN or MSNBC where he will feel right at home.

Cornyn is a Texas Senator so he is well aware of the abysmal record of the majority party. From inflation to border security this administration, with a complicit congress that includes John Cornyn, has crushed the American dream.

Bipartisanship isn’t caving to the demands of the opposition for the sake of unity. It is working together, as representatives of the people who elected you, to foster an environment conducive to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

More to come…

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