Is Judge Juan Merchan A Pervert?

The third world show trial currently happening in New York is a travesty of our judicial system and should never be allowed to occur again, whether Democrats or Republicans choose to weaponize our legal system. Enough is enough!

Trump has squealed about the 2020 election being rigged, but he didn’t understand rigged until the corrupt “Empty Suit” sent his flying monkey circus after Trump in several different states in an attempt to stop Trump from defeating him in his reelection bid. The tramp Fani Willis has been allowed to commit perjury and continue prosecuting Trump in Georgia for his attempts to win that state, Jack Smith, the guy with the checkered past in targeting conservatives, has skirted the law in evidence manipulation in his documents case against Trump while Biden skated on the same charge because special counsel Hur felt he was too senile to be charged with a crime. Gives you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing Joe is the leader of the free world and too feeble to face the consequences of his illegal actions.

Back to Judge Merchan, you know, the guy who salivated over the slut, porn actress Stormy Daniels’ salacious testimony for several days, but sends a jury from the courtroom, then reportedly screams at a defense witness for eye rolls and muttering. I think the judge might have had a tenting problem with his robe during Stormy’s spicy rendering and just couldn’t keep it up for the testimony of Robert Costello. Well, at least Merchan has been consistent in his efforts to distort the truth and find a way to convince a jury to find Trump guilty. Merchan violated the state Commission on Judicial Conduct rules by donating to democratic candidates, including Biden, during the 2020 election cycle but the ethics complaint was dismissed by a left-leaning commission. So much for fair treatment under the law in the good ol’ USA.

Merchan had much more patience with Ms. Daniels than with defense witness Costello. In addition to the nature of each of their testimony, it should be noted that Costello gave testimony that shows the prosecution’s star witness is a liar, imagine that…it isn’t like no one could see that coming. Cohen is a convicted perjurer and certainly has motive to lie in an attempt to convict Donald Trump.

Judge Merchan must have enjoyed Ms. Daniels testimony because he let her continue on and on with irrelevant ramblings in an effort to besmirch Trump’s character in the eyes of the jury. Merchan should be disbarred, and removed from the bench for his activism. He has proven he is neither fair, or impartial.

More to come…

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