USPS Indicative Of All Things Federal.

The quasi-government agency with monopoly power over mail distribution made the decision, several years ago, to screw up package delivery also. I have threatened to terminate memberships with suppliers over the crappy delivery service afforded by the inept postal service but can’t find local alternatives that don’t also rely on the same broken system to deliver their products.

Amazon started out being very understanding and providing remedy, in the form of either credits or extra months of service for their membership, in the event of failure to deliver products in a timely manner. They no longer honor their guarantee of Prime delivery times and, since the Plandemic, blame supply chain and logistics issues, beyond their control, to excuse their poor service.

The latest in the ongoing saga of piss-poor postal service can be seen above. On May 8, I placed an order with a company 236 miles from my home. The item was to arrive by May 11th. This is approximately 5 hours away and would result in a 10 hour round trip drive. That isn’t the way our government sees it. The USPS decided, since it is Spring, a nice trip north was in order before delivery could be made. Similar to another order that should have remained in Texas but was taken all the way to Massachusetts in order to postpone its arrival at its destination roughly 3 hours away initially.

Like the USPS, the federal government has two defining goals: 1) Ensure its perpetuity 2) Create an environment anathema to the ability of common people to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Please, this November, vote in a way you have never voted in your life: remove ALL incumbents and vote new critters in across the board. This might send a message to the ruling class that they can be removed if they refuse to represent their constituency.

More to come…

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